What Industries are considered high risk ?

While the list below is not exhaustive it does include that are deemed high risk. Now high risk does not neccessarily mean unprofitable, it simply means that the bank feels there is the strong possibility of refunds, chargebacks and fraud.

  • Dating
  • CBD – medicinal
  • Gambling and Casinos
  • Travel, booking, and tickets
  • Adult content
  • Products, and Services
  • E-cigarettes and Vaping
  • Electronics
  • Drugs
  • Payday loans
  • Alcohol products
  • beverages & Off-licenses
  • Investment schemes
  • Health supplements
  • Wellness Products
  • Car parts
  • Digital downloads
  • Web hosting and ISP services
  • Technical Support
  • Web Development
  • Credit Repair
  • Money Transfer
  • Game codes & hacks
  • Replicas
  • Fashion accessories
  • Smartphones sale & resale
  • Smartphone spare parts
  • Phone locking services
  • Massage parlors
  • Tattoo studios
  • Nightclubs / Cabaret bars

Type of Service Requirements

Online Gambling

online gambling pay by phone
online gambling merchant account
online gambling payment gateway

Online Gaming

online gaming payment gateway
online gaming payment processor
online gaming Credit card charge backs

Difference Between A High Risk Merchant Account & A Standard One?

  • Longer settlement periods (1 week vs. 3 days)
  • Higher transaction fees (depending on industry these can be up to 10% for overseas transaction vs. under 1% for transactions using a standard merchant account)
  • Higher Reserve (initially you’ll have to leave at least 15% of transaction money in your account to deal with potential fraud, chargebacks, etc.)
  • Higher monthly and or annual fees (Expect to pay at least £50+ a month)